Anniversary of jewelry exhibition in Chinese

Nishi lacqering jewelry designer


A member of Japan jewelry association

graduate from Athens jewel design     laboratory.
Join The Design laboratory in Pola Cosmetics Ltd.
Ravidorljuere jewelry charged.
Studied under Norio Shimada about chasings.
Creative design contest winning a prize.
Diamond design contest winning a prize.    1992
International platinum design contest winning a prize.    
International pearl design contest winning a silver prize.    
It begins to learn about the lacqering from lacqering master Hicahashi Furuya.    
Swarofusky design contest winning a third prize.    
Studied under designer Kazumi Hirose about chasings.
She began to product the jewelry mixed the Japanese traditional technique Nishi and the lacquering.    
Lacquer exhibition "Beauty of the lacquer" in Meiji Jingu.
Leaving The Design laboratory in Pola Cosmetics Ltd.
Established Atelier "K design".
The jewelry of silver and the K18・Ptlacqering (lacquer) is produced.    
Lacquer exhibition "Beauty of the lacquer" in Meiji Jingu.
Jewelry designer exhibition in Ginza Wako.  2004
Orogemma exhibition at Vicenza in Italy.   She was attended this collection in worldwide, and her article was printed in Yomiuri news paper.
Ginza Wako Jewelry designer's exhibition.  Italian international jewelry exhibition.
(Orogemma exhibition)


Nishi and the lacquering is Japanese traditional technique. It is a technique for decorating in part of the lustrous shellfish for lacquer ware. It is one of famous technique for it. It is so beautiful.


Nagasaka Keiko is a jewelry designer who learnt about how to make jewelry with the technology of Nishi and the lacquering. She mixed Japanese traditional technique and Western technique that is made jewelry. All of her works has mysterious shine and perfect beauty. When she saw lacqering collection, she found it to mix in how to make jewelry about 15 years ago.
Nagasaca who always thought, "I want to create original jewelry".
She said to us and looked back on the first feeling "I learnt the technology of Nishi and the lacqering from the Expert but It didn’t work impossible, so I tried to trial every day of error in the kind of the lacquer and the thickness of paint to give the metal the lacqering as it was though the technology ".

The production process of the Nishi lacquering, it takes large times and difficult to make one product. The lacquer is painted for same process as jewelry, after I finally do the process of painted, dries, and sharpening as same as lacquering many times. I felt this kinds of work was so difficult.
「When air is dry, the lacquer is not dry. When it would take as many as two months by dryness, I felt strongly as much as the delicacy of natural material」
Finally, the polychrome lacquer is painted when the basis of the lacquer can be done, After, I cut the shellfish from 1 to 5mm is fixed, and gold is sown. It is so detailed work only for this kind of expert.
「When I worked by for two hours, I could done all sides about 1cm. So, when I finished the work, focuses of eyes might be not suitable because of too much get exhausted, and it become an absence of mind. Either the body or the mind are energetic perfectly, I can possible to produce. 」
Beauty was born by craftsmanship and concentration. However, it did not end. Neither the shellfish nor gold are shined only sowing.
It begin to shine when what is done? The shellfish brushed up with sea bream's teeth and gold brushed up with floured deer horn.

It will take one year from half a year to make one jewelry.

「I had been loved to find a beautiful stone in riverside and the park at young children’s time.Generally speaking, young woman likes beautiful things naturally.
I think person want to become jewelry designer is people who want to get one different from the other person, already has variously, want to get unusual, known the knowledge of jewelry Nishi and the lacqering, Senior jewelry person and not be interested in a jewelry.」
She talked about own works with calm smile that saw the thing love pushing so.


■Material:Pearl、Diamond、K18、           Radenmakie


■Name:Raden makie
  amber ring
■Material:Amber、Abalone、Squashed       gold、White gold、Urushi



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